NFRC Certificate Information
Quantum Glass feels that it is extremely important we notify our customers regarding the changes being required
by the Clark County Building Department as a result of the adoption of the International Energy Conservation

Quantum Glass has been informed by the Clark County Building Department that as of January 01, 2009, all
projects zoned in Clark County will require the glazing contractors to submit a
NFRC certificate to the General
Contractor indicating that the exterior glazing system (frame and glass as a complete system) meet or exceed the
requirements listed in the Envelope Compliance Certificate provided on the architectural drawings. If the General
Contractor cannot provide the required certificate to the building inspector a final inspection will not be approved.

Currently this requirement is “hit or miss”, meaning that some projects have had to produce the certificate while
other projects have not. We have been assured by Wesley Walters of the Clark County Building Department
(Department of Development Services) that this is a serious issue and the reason it has not been required for all
projects is that not all of the County inspectors have been brought up to speed on the issue. Mr. Walters has also
stated that the Clark County Building Department is working diligently to make sure their inspectors learn about
the new requirement and begin implementing them immediately.

Currently only projects zoned for Clark County require the
NFRC certificate. We have been informed that the City of
Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson building departments are addressing this federal requirement and
will be implementing their own
NFRC certificate requirements.  We strongly recommend all General Contractors
contact Mr. Walters (702-455-0557) to discuss this issue if they have any questions.

There are many glazing contractors that are not aware of the new requirements or how to produce the required
documents. This lack of education is resulting in many glazing contractors not bidding the correct material for their
projects and not installing glazing systems that will meet the specified standards.

We have been told that if an installed glazing system fails to meet the requirements it (or other portions of the
envelope) will have to be corrected until it does. This can mean replacing glass, or worse case, replacing the
entire glazing system.

It has been our experience that many of the envelope compliance requirements cannot be met and conflict with
the glazing system specifications. We are modifying our bidding process to inform the General Contractors of any
conflicts in hopes that the correct information can be provided to all the companies bidding.

Failure to comply could be very costly to everyone involved in the project. We urge you to educate your estimators
and project managers so that they can review their proposal to make sure that the systems bid are correct
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