Contractor's License
Quantum Glass and Mirror, Inc (QGM) has always held their Nevada State Contractors license status in very high
regards and feel is necessary for us to offer an explanation to a disciplinary action that appears on our license as
an “Administration Citation”.

On November 07, 2008 QGM received a
citation from the Nevada State Contractors board. The violation QGM was
cited for is:
NRS 624.3011(1)(b)(1) Will or deliberate disregard and violation of: The building laws of the State or of any
political subdivision thereof.

The description of the violation is:
On or about November 15 through December 14, 2004, the respondent installed new brass entry doors with
sidelights, custom door pulls and east glass at Harrah’s Las Vegas, Nevada without obtaining the appropriate
building permit from the Clark County Building Department.

QGM does not deny installing the entrance at the Harrah’s project. The violation indicates that QGM did not obtain
the necessary permits.
Quantum Glass did not obtain permits because we are a glazing subcontractor hired
by a contractor (Harrah’s) and are not responsible for permitting any part of our scope of work on projects.
QGM was contracted by Harrah’s, who was the General Contractor for the project. Any permits for the project were
the responsibility of Harrah’s.

QGM vehemently disagrees with the violation and believes it to be wrongfully issued.

Upon receiving the citation QGM immediately contacted the Nevada State Contractors Board. It was explained to
QGM that regardless if we wished to appeal the citation we would still need to pay the assed fines ($1,000.00
plus administration fees of $205.32).

QGM weighed the option of paying the fine against the cost for appealing the fine. It was determined that the cost
of appeal and time involved would far exceed the cost for paying the fine. Because the disciplinary action was an
“Administration Citation” QGM felt it was in its best interest to pay the fine.

What QGM did not realize was that the disciplinary action would be reflected on our contractor’s license. Had we
know this we would have gone to the expense to appeal the citation to the farthest extent possible. QGM is
currently exploring our options to have it removed from our license.

QGM takes this issue very seriously as our reputation is our most valuable asset. We feel our extraordinary record
over 17 years speaks for itself. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this issue.
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